Toolbox Minecraft


Toolbox Minecraft aka Toolbox For Minecraft PE is an android app that gives you an advantage in Minecraft. These advantages are called "cheats" or "hacks" , with this app you can fly in survival mode have infinite reach spawn items in Minecraft Realms, give yourself Creative mode even if you are not operator and other cool mods. There is also something called NBT which let's you mess with the deepest part of the game's code, for example, when you place a NBT (Shulker Box, Beehive or Chest) and you can get a crash box, infinite particle potion, spawn lava on every player. 

This app is not only about cheating,  there is a feature such as "Rapid Build and Rapid Build V2" this feature can be compared to World Edit on Minecraft Java which helps you build big structures way faster than block by block, in fact, Toolbox's World Edit seems to be easier to use than the Java counterpart.